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Thompson-Maxey Wedding Preview

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Cleansing the Artist’s “pallete”…

In order to feel that I can start with a fresh perspective when approaching a new couple, a new wedding, a different type of creative session, I sometimes do what I call “cleansing my palette”.  (Normally you’d cleanse your “palate” with  something bland like saltines and water, so be sure to mistake the two spellings.) 😉  I take my camera somewhere new, and bring along a couple of lenses, a CF card or two, a fully charged battery, comfortable clothes… and I leave at home my list of expectations, laid out plans, paying clients and time limit. Then I shoot.  I had a chance to do that recently. Here’s a few shots from that “cleansing session.”

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Paper Clips…

If you havent been to the Paper Source in Dallas, you’ve never seen my idea of heaven. If I could describe the feeling that comes over me in a store like that, I would. But I’m afraid if I even attempt it, I’ll fall seriously short.

Dont go into the Paper Source with me if you are opposed to watching a grown woman drool heavily have anywhere else to be that day. I can spend hours in there. And the funny thing is, I dont really ever *buy* anything. It’s one of those places where everything is perfect because it’s THERE. How do I explain…

Paper clips.

I have no use for paper clips. If I could even PRETEND to appear organized, I would possibly have a spot for them in my desk drawer. I might even find a way to use them. But I am not, so I do not.  However… on a delightful spring day about 2 months ago, while taking in the paper paradise, I came upon a small, clear, plastic box with the most delicate, colorful, exquisitely-decorated paper clips one has EVER seen. I closed my mouth (after noticing my jaw had dropped quite near to the floor) and gingerly picked up the smooth shiny container that housed the cutest office supplies I had ever laid eyes on. There were 6 of them. Six little paper clips that demanded my undivided attention for at least four and a half minutes (which is, honestly, quite a bit of time for little doodads that hold papers together).

I wanted, for about a minute or two, to buy them.


Sooooo, sooooo badly.

But then I stopped. I put the clear cube back on the table, smiled, made a remark to the friend I was shopping with, and moved along. Why? Because in my office, those paper clips would lose their luster. Heck. One of those paper clips, by itself, apart from it’s 5 siblings, would lose it’s luster. There’s just something about how everything in that store looks TOGETHER.

But that’s a complete tangent. And now that I’ve recognized that..

My only point is that I absolutely love that stuff. Patterned paper, scrapbook supplies, digital scrapbooking, colored sharpies, cardstock, paper boxes, ribbon… put the combination of patterns and colors together and I am happy in my most inner self.

So you can imagine how excited I was to learn that I too could spend way too much time this week on a new hobby make adorable paper boxes out of an array of papers in all patterns, colors, and textures. And with good purpose! Print packaging!

I am delivering dozens of boxes of prints to Flower Mound tomorrow morning. And here is just a sample of some of the boxes they are packaged in. Oh there are many more.. but you get the idea. Boxes to fit 8 x 10s, 5 x 7s, and even tiny little flap-fold wallet boxes.

Yay for pretty packages!

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Fathers Day

I love storyboards. I took the pictures of my boys (previous post) a few weeks ago. This Sunday (fathers day) I wanted to give their dad a storyboard print from the shoot. I just ordered a 10 x 20 mounted print of this storyboard from my printing company. It will come on a double-weighted matboard that can be set on an easel on a shelf, or framed without glass. Of course, I had to order one for me too. 😉

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Four boys. All mine.

Tonight I took my four boys (9, 6, 4 and 3) to eat at a restaurant near my house. Now, I’m 30 years old. I dont have a mom haircut. I dont drive a mini van. And I *like* to think I dont look old enough (or crazy enough) to have 4 kids, let alone 4 boys. So I actually enjoy the reaction I get when I let them out of their cages take them all out in public.

I walked in to the restaurant tonight, assuming the role of “line leader”. I had my youngest (3) right behind me, hand in mine, and then the other three followed closely behind (probably because I threatened them on the way in am such a good mom). 😉

There was a little group of waitstaff (all male… and college-aged) huddled around an alcove that obviously serves as the makeshift “water cooler” when the restaurant isn’t busy. I watched them watch me as I walked towards them, following the hostess to our table. They saw me.. then they saw my 3 year old.. then they saw the army that followed. giggle.. It was quite amusing to watch their expressions go from “hey, hey, hey!” to “aww.. look at that cute little kid..” to “woah.. what? are those all.. wait.. no way.. what?”

Ah.. my boys. I love them to death. And from time to time I want to show them off. And hey,  it’s my blog. So I can do whatever I want.

Meet the rest of my life:

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Jessica & Oscar

I didnt meet this couple until the morning of their engagement session. We introduced ourselves at about 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday, and it was about 7:33 when the joking, giggling, and moderate harassing began. 😉

I only spent a few hours total with these two, but that’s all it took for my opinion of them to settle in around “probably the coolest couple I’ve ever worked with”.

Why do I say that? Well.. the entire shoot, Jessica was completely comfortable, relaxed, and confident. She kept Oscar engaged (err.. no pun intended) in conversation, which kept him comfortable as well.  Add to that their playfulness and the obvious “head-over-heels” factor, and the rest was a breeze.

Oh and of course, yay for old vintage cameras. 😉

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