Four boys. All mine.

Tonight I took my four boys (9, 6, 4 and 3) to eat at a restaurant near my house. Now, I’m 30 years old. I dont have a mom haircut. I dont drive a mini van. And I *like* to think I dont look old enough (or crazy enough) to have 4 kids, let alone 4 boys. So I actually enjoy the reaction I get when I let them out of their cages take them all out in public.

I walked in to the restaurant tonight, assuming the role of “line leader”. I had my youngest (3) right behind me, hand in mine, and then the other three followed closely behind (probably because I threatened them on the way in am such a good mom). 😉

There was a little group of waitstaff (all male… and college-aged) huddled around an alcove that obviously serves as the makeshift “water cooler” when the restaurant isn’t busy. I watched them watch me as I walked towards them, following the hostess to our table. They saw me.. then they saw my 3 year old.. then they saw the army that followed. giggle.. It was quite amusing to watch their expressions go from “hey, hey, hey!” to “aww.. look at that cute little kid..” to “woah.. what? are those all.. wait.. no way.. what?”

Ah.. my boys. I love them to death. And from time to time I want to show them off. And hey,  it’s my blog. So I can do whatever I want.

Meet the rest of my life:

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