Paper Clips…

If you havent been to the Paper Source in Dallas, you’ve never seen my idea of heaven. If I could describe the feeling that comes over me in a store like that, I would. But I’m afraid if I even attempt it, I’ll fall seriously short.

Dont go into the Paper Source with me if you are opposed to watching a grown woman drool heavily have anywhere else to be that day. I can spend hours in there. And the funny thing is, I dont really ever *buy* anything. It’s one of those places where everything is perfect because it’s THERE. How do I explain…

Paper clips.

I have no use for paper clips. If I could even PRETEND to appear organized, I would possibly have a spot for them in my desk drawer. I might even find a way to use them. But I am not, so I do not.  However… on a delightful spring day about 2 months ago, while taking in the paper paradise, I came upon a small, clear, plastic box with the most delicate, colorful, exquisitely-decorated paper clips one has EVER seen. I closed my mouth (after noticing my jaw had dropped quite near to the floor) and gingerly picked up the smooth shiny container that housed the cutest office supplies I had ever laid eyes on. There were 6 of them. Six little paper clips that demanded my undivided attention for at least four and a half minutes (which is, honestly, quite a bit of time for little doodads that hold papers together).

I wanted, for about a minute or two, to buy them.


Sooooo, sooooo badly.

But then I stopped. I put the clear cube back on the table, smiled, made a remark to the friend I was shopping with, and moved along. Why? Because in my office, those paper clips would lose their luster. Heck. One of those paper clips, by itself, apart from it’s 5 siblings, would lose it’s luster. There’s just something about how everything in that store looks TOGETHER.

But that’s a complete tangent. And now that I’ve recognized that..

My only point is that I absolutely love that stuff. Patterned paper, scrapbook supplies, digital scrapbooking, colored sharpies, cardstock, paper boxes, ribbon… put the combination of patterns and colors together and I am happy in my most inner self.

So you can imagine how excited I was to learn that I too could spend way too much time this week on a new hobby make adorable paper boxes out of an array of papers in all patterns, colors, and textures. And with good purpose! Print packaging!

I am delivering dozens of boxes of prints to Flower Mound tomorrow morning. And here is just a sample of some of the boxes they are packaged in. Oh there are many more.. but you get the idea. Boxes to fit 8 x 10s, 5 x 7s, and even tiny little flap-fold wallet boxes.

Yay for pretty packages!

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